Broan-NuTone® Easy Install Bathroom Exhaust Fan Replacement Grille/Cover, White | FGR300S


Easily replace the cover on your Broan or NuTone medium sized bath with the Broan-NuTone® FGR300S. This cover only fits Broan® and NuTone® fans with a housing size of 9-1/4″ x 10″. It is not compatible with other brands. Check the springs on your current cover to make sure they match the springs in the picture above. Installation can be completed in 5 minutes or less. The cover is sized just right to conveniently cover existing drywall cuts for an easy, no cut install.

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  • Fits Broan and NuTone branded bath fans with a housing size of 9-1/4″ x 10″. (Not compatible with other brands.)
  • Cover dimension: 11.25″ x 11.75″ x 1″
  • For an easy retrofit, check the springs on your current cover and make sure they match the springs in the picture above.
  • Quickly and easily installs in under 5 minutes
  • No drywall cutting or patching required, hides existing drywall cuts
  • Instant Upgrade blends with any décor
  • Compatible with the following Broan and NuTone fan models
    • A110, A110C, A110F, A110F1, A110FC, A80, A80C, A80F, A80F1, A80FC, AE100B, AE100BF, AE100BF1, AE110, AE110C, AE110CK, AE110F, AE110F1, AE110FC, AE110K, AE110S, AE50, AE50110DC, AE50110DCF, AE50110DCS, AE50F, AE50F1, AE80, AE80B, AE80BF, AE80BF1, AE80K, AE80S, AEN110, AEN110C, AEN110F, AEN110F1, AEN50, AEN50F, AEN80, AEN80B, AEN80BF, AEN80BF1, AEN80BS, AEN80F, AEN80F1, AER110, AER110C, AER110K, AER110S, AER50, AER50C, AER70C, AER80, AER80C, AER80K, AER90C, AERN110, AERN110C, AERN110K, AERN110S, AERN50C, AERN70C, AERN80BC, AERN80K, AERN80KC, AERN90C, AEW110, AN110, AN110C, AN110F, AN110FC, AN80C, AN80FC, AR110, AR110C, AR80C, AR80X, AR90C, ARN110C, ARN80, ARN80C, ARN90C
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Dimensions 11.75 × 11.25 × 1 in







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